The “Fashion Lab” project sprung from the idea of creating an online fashion platform to share our technical and creative skills and expertise with people operating in the textile and clothing/fashion fields. Developed in partnership with several skilled professionals, this project aims at offering a tailored and dedicated service to our customers, helping them save money and time. From designing a collection, to the creation of prototypes and samples, to other important features such as the shooting, the implementation of social-media marketing and communication strategies, and the construction of a website: JUST GIVE GREEN LIGHT TO OUR IDEAS AND PROPOSALS AND WE’LL DO THE REST! In this section, you can select the kind of service you require, whether you want us to help you during the entire process of creating your own fashion label, or just need a specific service for your Brand. Fashion Lab can meet all your requests thanks to the qualities that make up our strength: diversified services, expertise as established professionals, and up-to-date knowledge of the field. Every service we offer is developed and carried out in Italy.