Have you already read our philosophy? If so, you have certainly understood to what extent we value the environment as well as nature. To us, respecting what surrounds us is a priority. We strongly sustain ethical and sustainable fashion though the creation of small-scale collections and productions. Working "on request" also allows us to focus on our customers' needs, offering a tailor-made service. It’s super simple! Choose your favourite garment from our gallery; if you cannot find what you wish, or the colour or print you would like is not available, just contact us via our chatroom, by mail, or phone, specifying: your size, the fabric you’d like, your favourite colour or print, and we will make the item just for you! You’re absolutely in love with our clothes or prints but you'd rather have a cheaper version? No problem at all! You can select our high-quality polyester instead of pure silk when completing the purchase. For a very small price, you can also request a sample of the print and fabric you would like to have to actually see and touch them before placing your order. Please remember that the dispatch of garments made "on order" requires longer waiting times - from 10 to 30 days, depending on the request. Moreover, if you have fallen in love with an “out of stock” item, you can order it by clicking the “order now” function and filling in the form available in the product page. Click here to create your very own exclusive STYLE!

Don't want to sacrifice style but prefer a cheaper option? No problem, you can replace the 100% silk with the highest quality polyester fabric that allows you to purchase the garment at a lower price. You can also request fabric and print samples so that you can see and touch them before you order. Please note that garments made to order will require a longer waiting time, ranging from 10 to 30 days depending on the request. If, on the other hand, you have fallen in love with a garment that is not available, all you have to do is
click "order now", fill in the required fields and we will make it for you.